Terms & Conditions


We’re excited you’ve decided to come on a mountain experience with us!  Here are a few important points that you need to read carefully and agree to by proceeding with your booking.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


Booking Cancellations and Changes

The booking deposit is non-refundable if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.

Full payment for the tour is due on the day – no refunds shall be given after the tour commences.

Rain, wind, cold and fog do not prevent us conducting our tours.  We are constantly monitoring the weather and will provide 24 hours notice should we need to cancel. Participants that decide not to attend/participate based on weather (against our policy and/or advice) will forfeit the full deposit.

Where poor weather causes cancellation of a tour, we will do our best to offer you an alternate date, otherwise, any deposit paid shall be refunded.


Meeting Points and Transportation

Participants need to be ready at the designated meeting point in Franklin Square, Hobart at the agreed time.  If you miss the transport due to lateness, an additional $40 transport fee will be incurred for separate transport

Participants who have their own transport shall meet the guide at the summit car park at the agreed time.

Any participant who is more than 30 minutes late will forfeit their deposit and miss the tour.


What to Bring

The summit of Mount Wellington is at over 1000m and is about 10 degrees colder than Hobart.  As such, participants need to bring warm clothes for potential cold and windy weather as well as protection from the sun.  Dresses and skirts are not compatible with the abseil/climbing harness and should not be worn. 

The approach to and from the abseil area is through uneven and rocky terrain so sturdy closed shoes (e.g. boots, running shoes) need to be worn.  Participants will not be allowed to join if the guide deems the footwear or clothing to be inappropriate (e.g. flip-flops or sandals) – if this occurs, the participant forfeits their deposit and bears the cost of any extra transport fees incurred.

You will need two hands free to abseil – any items you bring need to be in a closeable backpack that you can carry.



Use of Your Image

Part of our tour is to make sure we capture the day for you to remember!  We may wish to use these photos for promotional purposes.  By joining one of our tours, you acknowledge and agree to us taking your photo and you consent to our usage of these images for advertising and promotional purposes.  If you don’t wish to take part, please inform your guide at the start of your tour.  We will not use any image containing persons under the age of 18 without written consent from a parent or guardian.


Participation Standards

You acknowledge and agree that the nature of the tour requires a minimum fitness to bushwalk downhill on uneven terrain.


We reserve the right to remove any participant from the tour who we deem to be intoxicated, a hazard to themselves or others, not physically able or mentally incapable.  We will not be held liable for any expenses incurred as a result of your removal or non-participation.

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